Madeline Hinkley/Daily.

Position(s): Daily Sports Writer

Section(s): Sports

Semesters at The Daily: 6

I still remember my first shadow story I wrote just after the 2019 polar vortex. I talked about the weather in a story about an indoor event. It wasn’t great, but it didn’t matter. After Max Marcovitch gave me my edits, I was hooked on The Michigan Daily. 

The people were too welcoming and the newsroom was too much fun — I had to come back. 

To Max, Ethan, Theo, Akul, Rohan, Rian, Anna, Jack, Connor, Teddy and all the other Daily alumni I’ve met: Thank you so much for showing me how awesome it is here. 

To the other seniors with whom I’ve shared my Daily experience: It’s been so great getting to know you all. You guys make icebreakers the opposite of cringe and the newsroom the best place on campus.

Jacob, Drew, Allison, Lily, Maddie, Dylan, Mark, Paarth, Abby, Maddy and David: You’re leaving the section better than you found it. Gonna miss you all a ton. 

Daniel, I love reading your content and your State News career is second to none. You live rent-free in their heads and always will. 

Jack, it’s been awesome getting to know you, and I’m glad we got to continue the tradition of random Daily people doing an Applied Statistics minor. 

Nick, your pick in the State News game was one of the greatest moments in the history of sports. You’re awesome. 

Sorry to keep making State News references, but Avi, your performance this year was one for the books. Gonna miss you man. 

Brendan, you’ve always brought comedic relief to The Daily and an unmatched passion for the NYPD menu. The Daily won’t be the same without you.

Aidan, you’re a great writer, editor and person. Thanks for always making The Daily so much fun. 

Grayson, I was so happy to see you join the section last year. You’re an incredible writer and as versatile as it gets on the football field. 

Lane, you’re such an awesome person. You always make The Daily a great place to be, and you’re an amazing editor and writer. Thanks for being such a great MSE during really weird times. Few people can make Zoom production truly fun. 

Kent, you’re the man. Thank you for giving The Daily so much and being an incredible MSE during what was probably the most difficult semester of all time to be MSE. You explained to me how to publish a story, and then did it again pretty much every time I wrote. You always made me excited to write and just to be in the newsroom.

Jared, Spencer, Nick, Brandon, Steel, Abbie, Conner (Big Tex), Paul, Josh, Arthur and Max, I love you all. You’re all great writers and even better people, and I always loved getting to see you guys. Jared and Nick, I know you’re going to be awesome MSEs. You all have such great attitudes and bring so much to the Daily. Keep on bringing it — I’m gonna miss you guys a ton. 

To everyone else who’s going to be sticking around, if you’re ever unsure whether you want to pick up a story or about The Daily in general — just go to production. There’s no place better to be than the newsroom, and you’ll cherish every moment. 

To my mom and sister: Thanks for reading every story. I feel like, at this point, you can call yourselves Michigan tennis experts. 

To The Daily: Thank you. Thank you for being the place where I had so much fun covering Michigan sports and met some of the greatest people I’ll ever know.