Allison Engkvist/Daily.

Position(s): Winter 2022 Senior Sports Editor, Winter 2019 – Fall 2021 @TheBlockM Editor, 2021 The Statement Correspondent

Section(s): Audience Engagement, Sports, The Statement

Semesters at The Daily: 7

This place.

This place gave me everything. This place taught me more than I could’ve ever hoped: about dedication, love, friendship, resilience … this place taught me about life. I got everything out of this place that I hoped I would — and more. I’m nowhere near ready to say goodbye to it — to the late nights, takeout, card games, playlists, Sunday meetings, looming deadlines and everything else that makes this place so unbelievably special.

This place made my life immeasurably better. It made me immeasurably better. 

But they say it’s the people that make the place, and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that these people made this place so special to me. So I want to say thank you.

First, to the people who I’ve looked up to so much:

To Ben, for being the reason I came here in the first place and for caring enough about me to make sure I stayed. I’m so glad our families sat together at our sisters’ confirmation.

To Laney, for making me feel welcome the second I walked up to the sports desk, for loving the Clique books as much as I do and for being my favorite Thanksgiving guest. And to Mike, for being way too nice about my mock story and for taking the time when I want your eyes.

To Anna, for humoring my crazy moments, for talking about Bethesda with me and for always being there when I need you.

To Kopnick, for introducing me to Culver’s and for reminding me how much fun this place is; and to Connor, for that very memorable afternoon at the Breslin. Basketball wouldn’t have been the same without you — Louisville Ass Water forever.  

To Molly and Bailey, for giving the best advice and encouragement, for texting back the next line when I send Taylor Swift lyrics, for sending me stories that make me cry and for being the best examples.

To Emily, the best writer I know, full stop. I still can’t believe I get to call the cool older girl in my sorority on The Daily my friend now. Thank you for always encouraging and inspiring me.

To Shira, for being the best older sister and Poke Fish chauffeur I could’ve wanted, for being my favorite date for everything from movie night to baseball games to formal, for talking me out of some truly insane ideas and for always having my back. I look up to you more than I can say, and I am a much better (and saner) person because of our paragraph texts and phone calls. You mean so much to me. I’ll put it in your words: I love you most, sweet girl. BH for you.

My Daily experience wouldn’t have been the same without my seniors: Grayson, Jacob, Drew, Daniel, Lily, Jack, Lane, Nick, Dylan, Mark, Avi, Brendan, Kent, Paarth, Andie, Sammy, Maddy, Alex, Jack and Aidan. I’m so grateful that I got to do this crazy, incredible thing with all of you. Thank you all so, so much.

To Lily, for sticking by my side since middle school and for our late-night ranting, rambling conversations. I wouldn’t trade any of it.

To Avi, for being the greatest wide receiver in Daily history and for our lil house party couch talks. And to both Avi and Aidan, for supporting my efforts to marry into a certain family which here will remain nameless. Love you both. #daddyhacks

To Drew, my favorite tree-hugger and the best pong partner ever. Can’t wait to defend our title.  

To Andie, for pushing me to become a better writer, for ranting about Taylor Swift with me and for giving me the space to tell stories I’m so beyond proud of. And to Sammy, my favorite understated-slash-sexy editor, for helping me make those stories what they were.

To Lane, for being there with me through it all. I’m a better person because we’re friends and because of all of your advice over the years. Love you bunches.

To Kent, for helping me make my favorite Daily memories. From the College World Series freshman year to our senior State News game, I always have the best time with you, and I’m so lucky to call you my friend. I hope you get to live in Omaha one day.

To Jacob, my biggest supporter, and my favorite person to cover soccer with on Erev Rosh Hashanah. Thanks for understanding my jokes and appreciating my dad music and for giving the best pep talks. 

To Daniel, for always pushing me to be better, for teaching me so much and for understanding the importance of a good bagel. Thank you for being you, and more importantly, thank you for being my friend.

And thank you to all the incredible underclassmen I’ve gotten to work with. You guys are so incredible and talented. I hope you know how hard I’m rooting for you.

I’ll end this by thanking the people who watched from the sidelines and supported me every step of the way:

To Allie, the best big I ever could’ve asked for, for all the wine nights, dinner dates and unfailing support, even when I’m being crazy. And to my sweet little Ellie, the cutest human on the planet and my absolute favorite tailgate partner. You make me smile every day. I love you both tons. 

To Caroline, my favorite sister and running buddy, for inspiring me every day and for clicking on this article “so you get the engagement,” even if you won’t read it. I’m so proud of you.

And to Mom and Dad, for being my role models and biggest supporters. I want to be you when I grow up.

So now, having thanked all of the people who made this place special, I have 15 words left of my word count to sum up what these people, and this paper, mean to me. Luckily, this place has taught me enough about journalism that I only need two:

Thank you.