We spent a lot of time this year talking about local businesses — what they do, why they’re important and how we can keep supporting them during a pandemic. GoFundMe campaigns meshed with Instagram announcements urged us to reflect earnestly on just what makes a community a community. 

In Ann Arbor, this concept of community is not hard to understand. Our love for this town is nestled between pizza joints and coffee shops across the street from sushi restaurants and yoga studios. Today, we celebrate some of the local businesses that took care of us this year. We commend the places and people that kept Ann Arbor moving through long winters and even longer lockdowns, and we hope they will stick around for a very long future. 

— Zoe Phillips and Elise Godfryd, Managing Arts Editors

As a part of our #BestOfAnnArbor week, The Daily spoke with some of Ann Arbor’s most beloved local business owners. We conducted a panel featuring the owners of the M Den, Zingerman’s, Roos Roast and Washtenaw Dairy and asked them what it is like to own a business in Ann Arbor, how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their business, how the community can help local businesses and more! Check it out here.

Guests include: Rodger Bowser – Zingerman’s. Scott Hirth – The M Den. Mary Raab – Washtenaw Dairy. Kath Roos – Roos Roast.