Allison Engkvist/Daily. Buy this photo.

Some might argue that being single may not make me the best person to advocate for the perfect date-night spot. Few, though, would disagree with me when I say that Ann Arbor’s Mani Osteria and Bar is the best place for that date night. With its dim yet warm lighting and comforting Italian food, Mani is just the right restaurant for your romantic evening. 

Whether it be for an anniversary, a Valentine’s Day celebration or even a blind date, a table at 341 East Liberty Street is the perfect location for any occasion with your significant other. Not to mention the food — you really can’t go wrong. With its delicious wood-fired pizza, flavorful pasta dishes and easily shareable plates, who even cares about your date? In the likely chance that you and your date do hit it off, though, one order of the bucatini can fulfill your undeniable “Lady and the Tramp” fantasy. 

Mani Osteria and Bar can be your most reliable wingman, supporting you through anything from an unfortunate Tinder date to a night on the town with your college sweetheart. No matter the circumstances, you’ll be getting lucky because one meal at Mani will leave you stuffed, satisfied and seriously head over heels.

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