The perfect atmosphere for a cafe consists of light chatter, groovy music and the smell of coffee everywhere, said John Roos, founder and director of experience at RoosRoast Coffee. 

In fact, Roos loves the vibe of a “good coffee shop” so much that when he and executive director Kath Roos got married, he brought a coffee grinder to the church to make the wedding smell like coffee.  

Since the shop opened in 2015, RoosRoast has become more than a townie coffee shop; it’s something of a microcosm of the Ann Arbor community. Their creative and fun approach to caffeinating the community is accomplished through art, sustainability and of course coffee.

“Winning best of Ann Arbor says a lot about our staff and how hard they’ve worked to make sure people have a good experience when they come to RoosRoast,” John Roos said. “Part of my background in coffee is (that) I went to cafes for so many years in Portland, and I wanted to recreate the perfect atmosphere for a coffee shop here in Ann Arbor.” 

Roos said winning Best of Ann Arbor is a nice reminder of the impact of RoosRoast on the community.

“We get so much feedback … from the community complimenting our coffee and good vibes,” John Roos said. “It comes back to you that way, so that’s really sweet.” 

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