Frita Batidos was designed to bring people together, according to owner Eve Aronoff. 

“We just always wanted to be a place where everybody could come together from all different backgrounds and sit down together at these big tables and get to know each other,” Aronoff said. 

The restaurant’s only form of seating is long communal tables, which Aronoff said was a choice inspired by the ‘slow food’ movement, which promotes equity and sustainability by emphasizing cultural food traditions and taking time to enjoy meals with others. She said both the staff and customers at Frita Batidos have formed a community around shared meals and values.

“One of the tenants (of the movement) that matters to me a lot has always been conviviality — how people come together, cooking or eating together,” Aronoff said. “It’s just always been like that at Frita in the kitchen and in the dining room with the guests.”

It certainly seems that Aronoff has achieved her goal; Frita Batidos is constantly packed with students and Ann Arbor residents. After claiming the inaugural crown for the brand-new “casual dinner and drinks” category, it doesn’t look like Frita will be losing that title any time soon. 

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