Nestled in the heart of central campus, HopCat has been a staple of Maynard Street since it opened in Ann Arbor on Valentine’s Day in 2014. Its signature cosmic french fries, double smash burgers and classic beer make it the perfect place to bring your family and friends for some good bar food. 

HopCat, which has seven other locations throughout Michigan, has always had beer at the core of its existence. The restaurant serves local craft beer at each location and is committed to making each of its restaurants different. What’s unique about the Ann Arbor location? The quaint pub-like space embraces the traditional bar atmosphere while still capturing the cultural hotbed that is Ann Arbor, with magazine spreads of famous singers and psychedelic artwork lining the walls.

The beer menu itself is extensive, offering over 50 Michigan-brewed options that range from season-specific harvest beer to heartier stouts and porters. Whatever you’re in the mood for, HopCat has something for you.

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