With four Ann Arbor locations and one delivery-only kitchen, No Thai is a go-to restaurant for countless U-M students looking for something savory, spicy and altogether delicious. Whether that be after a football game, before a night out or when you just have a craving for a hot plate of pad thai in the middle of an hours-long study session.

No Thai co-owner Brian Kim said each location serves a unique customer base. Their original location on South University Avenue is heavily influenced by when students are on campus, Kim said, while others see more families and commuters. 

“The South University location — which could maybe be considered our flagship location because it’s our original store — that store is the busiest,” Kim said. “During the summer months, obviously, that area’s not as populated so it’s pretty slow in the summer, but it’s very busy with mostly students making up their customers during the school year.” 

Coming out of the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, No Thai gradually reopened its doors one location at a time and pulled employees from all five locations as needed. Kim said he was grateful to have such a strong employee base throughout their pandemic recovery, preventing them from having to permanently close any of their locations. 

For 20 years, No Thai has served as an ambassador of Thai food in Ann Arbor. The longtime favorite fills a gap when customers need it most — with its food being hearty, tasty and perhaps most importantly, fast. 

If you really want to test your spice tolerance, this is the place to do it. The menu offers customers to select different spice levels ranging from No Spice, Weak Sauce, Medium, Yoga Flame, and Dim Mak — the spiciest option on the menu that will stir your taste buds like nothing else. Be exquisite, embrace the heat and take your inflamed lip as a trophy for life.

Daily Staff Reporters Samantha Rich and Chen Lyu can be reached at sammrich@umich.edu and lyuch@umich.edu.