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Think back to the first time you took a campus tour. You were nervous and excited, but more importantly, you wanted the classic navy blue sweatshirt with “MICHIGAN” written in maize across the front. At the end of your tour, you are not told to buy one at the bookstore. Instead, the tour guide tells you to go to the MDen. 

You walk into the MDen and are shocked by how much Michigan gear you see. The two-story store on State Street is filled with anything and everything — and I really mean everything — that you can put the Block M on. 

Since the University of Michigan announced that spectators will be able to watch football games in the Big House next year, it’s time to go to the MDen to look through endless choices of maize-and-blue t-shirts, shorts and sunglasses for your next gameday. And don’t forget to grab a football jersey for your dog too.

No matter what you’re looking for, even if it’s a bottle of hot sauce with the Block M on it, you’ll find it at the MDen. It should be no surprise that the MDen is the best place to get Michigan gear in Ann Arbor. 

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