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In many ways, the best landlord is the one you never see. We all hope for comfortable, well-maintained homes to keep the elements out and rents to keep our budgets balanced. Not only does Oxford Companies provide this, but when the rare pipe bursts or pest burrows, Oxford proves its worth. 

When I began my lease with Oxford in August of 2020, I knew them only by the company’s ubiquitous signage. Since then, I’ve just about fallen in love with my management company.

Oxford stands out for its exceptional responsiveness. My building is very old, and therefore prone to minor issues: a mouse who was fond of rigatoni, a sink disposal that blew out into my shower, the occasional loss of heat. This may sound unpleasant, but each of these situations was resolved within 24 hours — a rarity in the world of renting. 

We cannot expect perfection from our homes, but we should appreciate attentive maintenance. Oxford provides this without fail. More importantly, in 2020 technicians arrived masked, cognizant of COVID-19 precautions. We must call upon our landlords now and again in times of trouble; Oxford’s prompt and respectful staff make the process of doing this almost enjoyable.

So next time you see Oxford’s omnipresent blue signs, know that the building and its tenants are in good hands. The lights turn on, the heat is strong and the maintenance techs are friendly.

Daily Arts Writer Ross London can be reached at rhorg@umich.edu.