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If you like your coffee strong, ethically sourced and with fun names, Roos Roast is the perfect spot to grab a cup and enjoy the good “garage sale idiosyncratic” vibes. Founded by Ann Arbor native John Roos and his wife Katherine Weider-Roos, Roos Roast serves classic blends like Ann Arbor Cowboy, Mother Pheasant Plucker and Lobster Butter Love.  

The Roos Roast roastery and headquarters are located at 1155 Rosewood St., where freshly roasted beans are packaged and shipped to coffee shops across the country. This location also has a take-out stand for customers to buy drinks, merchandise and beans. The downtown location on East Liberty St. opened in 2016, a favorite for locals and students. Customers old and new can wander through the often-open garage door storefront, peruse the funky art that lines the walls and maybe play a game of Pac-Man as they enjoy their drink. 

If the cozy and eclectic atmosphere isn’t enough of a draw, Roos Roast has put in significant effort to make their business environmentally conscious. Since 2015, they have invested in an environmentally friendly coffee bean roasting machine that uses 80% less energy than typical ones. They have also gone solar and put panels across the roof of their Rosewood location. So, while enjoying the quintessential liberal arts town ambience, you can feel good about supporting and enjoying Roos Roast coffee. 

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