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Townie or tourist, as soon as you step through Grizzly Peak’s heavy wooden doors, you’re swept into a warm and bustling atmosphere with a perfect blend of nostalgia and community. The century-old, historic brick walls encompass a lively environment perfect for a casual dinner or, in the lower part of the building, a night out. 

Opened in 1995, Grizzly Peak Brewing Company and Arbor Brewing Company began within months of each other, starting the vibrant microbrewery culture in Ann Arbor. With the departure of Arbor Brewing from its downtown location in May 2020, Grizzly Peak claimed the title of the oldest microbrewery in the city.  

With nine in-house brewed beers on tap, whether you’re a beer connoisseur or just looking to explore, Grizzly Peak has an option for everyone. From the light ales to hoppy IPAs to heavy stouts, they have it all. 

In addition to the typical pub-grub, Grizzly Peak offers a variety of larger entrees for those looking for a more defined meal. The historical building provides the best of both worlds, with an open-bar option perfect to watch Michigan football or a more formal sit-down area ideal for a family outing. 

While the food and in-house brewery shows potential for the best brewery in Ann Arbor, their friendly and inclusive staff make you feel right at home. It’s the type of place that if frequented even a few times, your order and favorite beer are known by all staff. 

Grizzly Peak is a comprehensive representation of Ann Arbor; nestled into the corner of Washington St. and Ashley St., it’s awaiting your arrival this summer.

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