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When I asked my roommate why Falsetta’s is her favorite liquor store in Ann Arbor, I’m not sure what exactly I was expecting to hear. For her to go off on a tangent about the unparalleled selection and the “nicest” service? Nope. But that’s exactly what happened. 

Even though it might not be the quickest alcohol run you go on, Falsetta’s is still only a ten minute drive from Central Campus and has a selection that other stores can’t compare to. What is a drive, really, when you want to try out a new seltzer, need the makings of a mule and/or crave a pint of ice cream as a late night snack?

That’s what sets Falsetta’s apart from its competitors — it has the widest array of drinks, from chasers to hard liquor and everything in between. It doesn’t just have White Claws, but it sells High Noon too. In terms of prices, Falsetta’s may even be cheaper than closer alternatives. If not significantly cheaper, the prices are at least fair given what you have to choose from and the service. Employees at Falsetta’s are consistently friendly and helpful without being too involved or aggressive. On holidays, with a purchase of alcohol, customers can also get a free Falsetta’s t-shirt. So next time you need to go on an alcohol run, whether it be for game day or just a fun night-in, maybe go out of your way a bit to try Falsetta’s. It will be worth it.

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