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When Good Time Charley’s outdoor heaters caught flames earlier this winter, students and Ann Arbor locals alike frantically flooded the bar with orders to show support and help fund repairs. If that isn’t a testament to how much the community depends on Charley’s, then I’m not sure what is. 

Centrally located on the corner of South University Avenue and Church Street, Good Time Charley’s is the quintessential college bar. Despite pandemic restrictions, Charley’s has preserved its fun and entertaining atmosphere whether you sit inside, outside or even if you enjoy takeout drinks at home. 

In my opinion, that’s what makes Charley’s so great — it’s the experience of getting a group of friends together with each ordering their own “fishbowl,” racing each other to see who finishes first. It’s the Mug Club Monday’s, trivia nights and drunken karaoke. Beyond the drinks, there’s a wide array of food to order — anywhere from waffle fries, to salads, to burgers and now chips and guacamole from BTB burrito. Even during a pandemic, Charley’s still manages to provide college students with a good time.

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