Bonnie Tholl wears a yellow sweater and speaks at a podium at a press conference with a blue background with a repeated pattern of the Michigan Block M, “Michigan Medicine”, and “UMICHATHLETICS”
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Ahead of the Michigan softball team’s first home game of the season on Thursday, The Daily’s beat writers (Rekha Leonard, Tasmia Jamil, Jonathan Wuchter and Zach Edwards) predict season outcomes.

Where will Michigan rank in the Big Ten?

Leonard: Third

Jamil: Fourth 

Wuchter: Fourth

Edwards: Third

Who will win the Big Ten?

Leonard: Nebraska

Jamil: Nebraska 

Wuchter: Nebraska

Edwards: Northwestern

Who wins the Big Ten Tournament?

Leonard: Northwestern

Jamil: Northwestern 

Wuchter: Maryland

Edwards: Nebraska

How far does Michigan go in the NCAA Tournament?

Leonard: Regionals

Jamil: Regionals 

Wuchter: Regionals

Edwards: Regionals

Most Valuable Player?

Leonard: Lexie Blair

Jamil: Keke Tholl

Wuchter: Jessica LeBeau

Edwards: Lexie Blair

Breakout player?

Leonard: Janelle Ilacqua

Jamil: Janelle Ilacqua 

Wuchter: Janelle Ilacqua

Edwards: Avery Fantucci

Best statistical hitter?

Leonard: Lexie Blair

Jamil: Lexie Blair 

Wuchter: Lexie Blair

Edwards: Lexie Blair

Winningest pitcher?

Leonard: Jessica LeBeau

Jamil: Jessica LeBeau

Wuchter: Lauren Derkowski

Edwards: Lauren Derkowski

Biggest win?

Leonard: Northwestern

Jamil: Northwestern

Wuchter: Kentucky

Edwards: at Nebraska

Most surprising loss?

Leonard: Minnesota

Jamil: Minnesota 

Wuchter: Purdue

Edwards: Illinois

Record against MSU?

Leonard 2-0

Jamil: 1-1

Wuchter: 2-0

Edwards: 2-0

Record against Northwestern?

Leonard: 1-2

Jamil: 1-2

Wuchter: 0-3

Edwards: 0-3

Record against Ohio State?

Leonard: 2-1

Jamil: 1-2 

Wuchter: 2-1

Edwards: 1-2

Who wins the Women’s College World Series?

Leonard: Oklahoma

Jamil: Oklahoma 

Wuchter: Oklahoma

Edwards: Oklahoma