Despite converting on multiple offensive chances, Michigan still could not pull off a win against Indiana. Sydney Hastings-Wilkins/Daily. Buy this photo.

Capitalizing on scoring opportunities is one of the most difficult and defining aspects of a soccer match. The sound of the ball hitting the back of the net is the most memorable part of a game.

But even in a game where the Michigan men’s soccer team converted on its offensive opportunities, it still could not pull off the win.

On Sunday, the Wolverines (3-5-3 overall, 1-2-1 Big Ten) tied Indiana (4-2-3, 1-1-2), 2-2, in Michigan’s first home game of Big Ten play.

It was obvious in the first five minutes of Sunday’s game that the Wolverines arrived at the field ready to play. Michigan was intercepting passes, making quick touches, and controlling the ball movement throughout the entire field.

“I was very demanding of a response off of a disappointing response from Tuesday,” Michigan coach Chaka Daley said. “We are better than our record has shown to this point.”

The Wolverines rebounded from their difficult week with a unified offensive performance. Michigan’s energy was set in the second minute with its first shot on goal, from senior midfielder Inaki Rodriguez, and that energy stayed consistent throughout the game.

“We need to continue to compete the right way and show great energy and spirit which I think we started the game with and that carries through the whole game,” Daley said.

In the 19th minute, Rodriguez switched the point of the attack for junior midfielder Bryce Blevins to cross the ball from the left flank. Indiana’s goalkeeper JT Harms left his six-yard box to tip the ball, but once he was out of position, sophomore defender Jason Bucknor ripped the loose ball into the goal to make the score 1-0.

Michigan’s energy only intensified after its first goal. As the Wolverines dominated in the first half, they appeared connected in their passing game. The experienced junior and senior midfielders played in the center of the field with ease.

As the second half began though, the momentum started to shift.

Indiana tied the game in the 64th minute by continuously moving the ball throughout the field, concluding in a short pass to forward Tommy Mihalic, who shot the ball outside of the Michigan goalkeeper’s reach.

But the battle was far from over.

The Wolverines immediately rebounded with a goal of their own, taking the lead again. Midfield graduate student Kevin Buca crossed the ball to senior midfielder Cameron Martin in the 65th minute.

However, depleting momentum, the Hoosiers’ defender Daniel Munie tied the game after a ball stayed in front of the Michigan goal for too long late in the 81st minute.

“I think they need to see the result,” Daley said. “Our group is disappointed, which is a good thing.”

The Wolverines showed a lot of resolve in their play on Sunday, but still couldn’t get the result.

The next step for the team is to use the disappointment from another unwanted result, and let it fuel a motivated response.