Priydarshini Gouthi

Ali Gropper, one of the founders, said MFMS intends to “break the fashion stigma in academia.” This daylong event offered a rather rare opportunity to bridge the seemingly large gap between the University, an institution known for educational excellence, and the complex, but commonly misunderstood world of fashion and media.

Sophia Hughes

How did people begin to see Air Force 1s as popular opposed to weird shoes that the hipsters wore at school? The answer lies in the effect of mob mentality.

It takes a community

This past weekend, I was responsible for recording a performance of the opera “Alcina.” I was stationed with my little recording unit on a platform above the stage of the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre — though I could see everything happening below me, neither the performers nor the audience could see me.

Michigan Fashion Media Summit

Collaboration is a pillar of the Michigan Fashion Media Summit. Whether it be with fellow attendees, or through panel conversations, the entire event offers a business approach to fashion, making it a truly one of a kind event on campus.


If you haven’t heard of Astroworld yet, I’m going to be honest, you’ve probably been living under a rock.


Creativity saturated the event, from the pre-show that included dance, spoken word and musical pieces, to the closing collection, The Red Scene, which allowed members of EnspiRED to show their own inspiration for looks they styled themselves.


The Daily Arts style section reflects on the standout moments in style this year.

10. Adam Selman x Le Specs

Why haven't more designer houses taken cues from Balmain and Givenchy to work with hip-hop artists?

Kinesiology Junior Mitchell Tuttle looks for a costume at Ragstock, Wednesday.

It’s finally Halloween, what some would call the favorite holiday among college students, especially here at the University.