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But for larger universities with sizable athletic departments, the justification for program cuts isn’t really there. The losses are temporary, and the revenues from the bounce back when the pandemic ends can restore athletics back to their pre-COVID-19 state.

While Michigan students were ordered to shelter, its football team traveled to Minnesota.

Manuel said that if students can’t come to campus for class, he wouldn’t have student-athletes compete in sports, but that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Michigan will wear an "EQUALITY" decal on its helmets this season.

On Thursday afternoon, the Michigan athletic department announced via a press release that all of its varsity teams will wear social justice decals on their uniforms and pregame warm-ups during the 2020-21 academic year.

Michigan students speculate on the negative effects of tailgates.

The Daily talked to students to hear what they had to say about the possibility and risks of tailgating in the era of COVID-19.

College football is crumbling around the country, begging the question of whether the Big Ten's initial cancelation was the right call.

But, why does the conversation always state that the Big Ten was wrong at first? Why don’t we ever examine if the Big Ten actually got it right in August?

Michigan athletes have become voices for change in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Around the country, the sports community became a leader in the fight against racial injustice to an extent it never has before.

After their careers, the personality traits that make collegiate divers fearless translate to their adult lives.

This fearless mentality undoubtedly serves divers well by the pool, but its benefits are not limited solely to that arena. Statements along the lines of “face your fears” are among the most common of life coaching fodder, and, as this suggests, divers' predisposition to fearlessness and fear-conquering places them in an advantageous position in the larger game of life.

Michigan middle blocker Jess Robinson is just one of several Michigan athletes emphasizing the importance of voting to their teammates.

Michigan volleyball’s sophomore middle blocker Jess Robinson is doing everything she can to make sure her teammates are registered and ready to vote.

Since 2017, the grass has been greener for Michigan athletics because of its zero-waste policy.

When the athletic department shifted its focus into zero-waste game days back in 2017, the pom-poms — which produced a lot of waste — were placed on the chopping block in favor of rally towels.

As a co-ed sport, cheer is excluded from the NCAA and often left in limbo.

The issue of cheerleading’s eligibility as a sport starts and ends with Title IX.