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Kwity Paye led an initiative to get football players registered to vote.

Paye and graduate Michigan defensive lineman Carlo Kemp couldn’t stand being complacent, so they decided to take action. The one thing they could control was getting themselves and their team registered to vote.

The Graduate Employees' Organization struck for nearly two-weeks, seeking, among other demands, better COVID protections for students.

Now, the Big Ten’s decision to play football is driving the two sides even farther apart, with the University announcing that it will begin to conduct rapid testing on student athletes. Meanwhile, the University continues to neglect the demands the GEO has made regarding testing procedures for undergraduate and graduate students.

Hunter Reynolds and Minnesota's Benjamin St. Juste co-founded College Athlete Unity this summer.

College Athlete Unity has amplified their platform and reached a broader audience, and, in doing so, they know they have unlocked the activist potential of college athletes