You have been my first for everything. I often graze my fingernails along your arm, you like the way I linger on your skin. For once, I like sticking around longer than I have to. You have learned what it means to tame the inconsistencies in my life. 

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In the wake of the video of the student government president making anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab comments, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be Palestinian;

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As Arabic letters float at the tips of my fingers, I am reminded of the journey it took me to love my native language

Learning a new language is like entering a different dimension. A limitless universe in which one can see past socially constructed concepts like race, gender and the hierarchy of languages.



Editor's note: The author’s name was omitted to protect their identity.

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We often cross paths but do not speak I do not know him, but understand my brother is not my enemy I do not know of his pain, but simply know that it exists So we nod 


I waded in the ocean as a prayer to wash my soul clean.

I honored the idea that salt might stick to my wounds, might mend the flesh, let me be holy. 


Que dios te bendiga. May God bless you.


A woman walks on a street in Macau, China wearing a protective mask during coronavirus outbreak

Here I am, cooking in my apartment’s kitchen. My heart beats joyfully with the rhythm of stirring. My boyfriend slurps the rib soup to check if it’s ready. Wait, why did you start eating?

It’s New Year’s Eve.