Blackbody symbolism

I’ve always wondered if a woman’s Blackness will be remembered, or if our importance, impact and beauty will fade. Sometimes, I feel I allow my mind to dabble in what-if’s and what society thinks rather than focusing on the beauty of my Blackness, and the strength of my Black body.

Awkwafina (left) and Margaret Cho in the music video for “Green Tea."

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Asian-American teens and young adults experienced a subculture called “AZN pride”.


The horrendous American school system.

“That’s not our issue,”

From left to right: Elena (Isabella Gomez), Alex (Marcel Ruiz), and Penelope (Justina Machado).

On March 14, Netflix announced it was cancelling its original series One Day at a Time.


My name is Elizabeth John and I am a senior with a major in women’s studies. I decided to pursue this art project as an extension of a senior thesis that focuses on the history of perceptions of the female body in the Indian American diaspora.


With the New Zealand shooting affecting our Muslim community, to midterms and tests stressing many students out, these last few months have been difficult and busy for many. Music has always been there for me through tough times and it is the thing that I turn to when I need comfort.

Another Angle

In elementary school, if I wasn’t drawing, I’d be in the city library, lost in a biography of Magritte or a history of Impressionism. I was certain that I’d become an artist, sharing my self-expression with the world in the greatest museums.

Lara Jean and Peter

From Lucy and Ricky to Lara Jean and Peter, the amount of interracial couples on TV shows and movies have been increasing by the year.

sesame-seed desset

 I remember watching people poke around the “ethnic” food platters at my graduation party with extreme caution. It was like watching untrained scientists study a new species.

Stereotypes perpetuated against Asian Americans

I’ve never been good at math or science and seeing numbers of any sort make me cringe. This surprises people: I grew up as a classically trained pianist and attended a good private school, and of course, I’m also Asian.