Sivanthy Vasanthan

We are Uncover: A/PIA — Asian/Pacific Islander American — and the United Asian American Organizations, two pan-Asian-American student organizations at the University of Michigan. Earlier this year, at Columbia University, Chinese students experienced anti-Asian sentiments in their dormitories.

|Arab| |American|

They ask,

Are you Arab? Or American?

Do they not understand

That heavy things break through light boxes?



The sun sets in the East/ men in white/ kneel

pure and clean/ silence as loudspeakers sing/ Allah is the Greatest

Designed by Ava Weiner



They encapsulate my immigrant body

in a reflecting see-through container.

They shout put your hands up, don’t waste time

During contract negotiations this year, the Graduate Employees’ Organization issued a proposal to create 23 paid, unionized graduate student positions dedicated to implementing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategic plans at the University of Michigan.

In the MiC Spotlight series, our editors and contributors reflect on the reasons they joined MiC and their hopes for their work and the section.


When I was a kid, I wanted to be an author.

We are currently in the thick of March Madness, a time of year when it seems as though everyone is an expert in all things basketball. People are filling out brackets, making bets and anxiously watching as many games as they possibly can.

I began my freshman year the way most people do: completely unsure of what classes to take. I decided to take a class that would fulfill the Race and Ethnicity requirement so I would not have to take it again in my undergraduate career.