Reverend Jesse Jackson speaks with students on Tuesday.

Jarred and unsettled, Michigan in Color has shared in the sentiments of many students, faculty and staff on campus: fear, confusion, hopelessness, urgency and the need for action.

The fear of minorities has been exacerbated due to president-elect Donald Trump's blatant racist, Islamophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, homophobic and misogynist statements. Interpreting the increase in incidence of hate crimes and loss of sense of safety due to our identities as an angry outburst because we lost something is reductive and invalidating of the terrifying experiences students have had.

Enjoying the last sweet days of President Barack Obama's presidency

Donald Trump’s rhetoric has been described as unsubstantial, aerated and fickle. I call the GOP presidential nominee’s speaking style Trump-Talk: using words like “perhaps,” “maybe” and “probably,” Trump rips accountability from himself and recklessly blames others.

Hey Schlissel,

Buddy. Pal. Friendo. What are you doing? Where do we even start with you?

When I was in the fifth grade, my teacher pulled six students, including me, out of the classroom to discuss something separately. She began by introducing the topic as a secret, saying we should not repeat what we were about to hear to the other students left in the classroom.

Mother's Day festivities

Dear Mom,

Nicole Khamis

I wake up in my room and I close my eyes, trying to go back to sleep as the sun shines through my windows. In a state neither quite asleep nor awake, I hear the sound of a plane. Instantly, I am awake. All I can hear is the sound of the plane, and it’s coming closer.

We, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality, held a demonstration on Tuesday, Oct. 5, in which we put up two mock walls in the Diag to represent the Apartheid Wall that cuts through the West Bank.

The campus climate these past few weeks has been difficult for all of the people who have been affected by the racist, anti-Muslim, cissexist and genuinely hateful messages that have been spread throughout the University of Michigan.

We are the Multicultural Leadership Council, a coalition of graduate student leaders committed to the well-being and success of students of color at the University of Michigan.