Latinidad Editorial Board

Founded on the mission for Latinx students to reclaim, uplift and properly represent the Latinx community, Latinidad is a new magazine that is forging its ways among the intersection of creative expression and social justice.


As Michigan in Color is expanding, we would like to extend this platform to all creative folx of color with this new founded creative column.

Grant (left) and whiterose (right) converse.

(Fair warning: I’ll be including spoilers for previous seasons of Mr. Robot from here on out.)



I was miserable. Hot, sweaty, feverish, and just about ready to cry.


And I did.



Growing up as an ethnic and religious minority in America, it has always been easy for me to list the hardships I faced.


Dearborn is like an Arab Bazaar, filled with people from all walks of life. There are people from Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Syria and more. However, every bazaar has its issues. Sometimes, the customers fight and the vendors don’t get along.


My eyes are hazel

You’re not Latina enough


My hair is thin and light brown

Still, not Latina enough



When the trailer for the movie “Us” came out on Christmas Day, it seemed to shake up the nation. Not only did the film itself just look horrifyingly good, but it was also very refreshing for Black people around the country.



I guess looking up at the stars you get a sense of something much bigger than yourself.

You realize that in the grand scheme of things you're not much but a speck in the universe.


These statements were given on December 5, 2018, at the Board of Regents meeting in Ann Arbor. They express solidarity with #UMDivest, academic freedom, and all movements against settler colonization.