The time is late. I do not even have to check my clock to tell. What started as a crusade in my bed has slowly crept its way to having set my alarm on my phone, plugging my phone into my charger and sitting cross-legged on my carpeted apartment floor.


“2,000 years of revenge, vendetta and murder. Welcome to Beirut.”

An Excursion to Google

On my way back to the University of Michigan, I tried studying for my biostatistics exam that was waiting for me the upcoming week.

I have always been an avid watcher of television. I was raised on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel and learned everything I needed to know from those three channels. All of which helped me become the stunning individual I am today.

What does it mean to be Asian enough?


Black hair.

Off-white skin.

It is in my name.

The home where I was raised.


I contemplate

an early exit

in sparkly,



Heart over head

and hand over heart –


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Every year, the Arab Students Association hosts Arab Xpressions — a cultural show dedicated to featuring the beauty of Arab culture. Join us Feb. 17 to enjoy traditional Arab dances, music, clothing, poetry and more.


“Do you celebrate the Day of the Dead?”

I’m extremely excited for and satisfied with the Grammy nominations. This may be completely biased due to my music taste and my status as person of color, but I don’t really care.