Unsplashed NOSELL

My family,

rose from the mud 

to make matters more pleasant for me. 

From my environment,

I cultivated primal instincts

From a young age, I wanted to change the way I looked. Every town I grew up in consisted of spaces that never seemed to fit me; they were made for specific kinds of identities and people to grow up comfortably in. I was very insecure about how I looked mainly because I wasn’t white.


If I stretch my memory as far back as it’ll bend, I can remember the first time I had to teach myself how to breathe again. My parents had gone to a fundraiser, leaving me alone with my sister and my brother.


Trigger Warning: mention of intimate partner violence, abuse, violence 



The new FX series titled “Dave” is a semi-autobiography of David Burd, played by himself, who goes by Lil Dicky on stage. Yes, it is a corny dick joke and yes, I kinda love it. Moving on.



Addiction is like prayer

Begging for release

Craving freedom from self


Entropy is me 

Freedom is not-- 

Guiding me home


It is during times like this, when normalcy escapes us and uncertainty consumes us, that what defines us becomes clear.

Courtesy of Maya Mokh

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.” A friend gifted me a brown leather journal with this quote on the cover in eighth grade.


15%. That’s how many undergraduate students at the University of Michigan are members of social sororities or fraternities. Though far below the “majority,” it seems like every person I’ve talked to is a member of some greek organization, promoting their next event or fundraiser.


According to the CDC, 160 to 214 million Americans could be infected by the novel coronavirus over the course of the pandemic.