Following the Black Lives Matter protests and demonstrations of the past few weeks, my African American studies professor gave students the platform to have a discussion in class about how the racial tension on campus has been affecting our lives.

You shoot me with a gun,

I didn’t do anything

But yet you still run.

Silent judgement

You pass upon me and mine

As a kid, I soaked up television like a sponge. I spent a lot of time watching Nickelodeon, ("Spongebob" is the best show, don’t @ me), but don’t worry — I watched the educational PBS shows too.

White girls sure love tofu.

Over two centuries ago, the United States’ Founding Fathers convened in Philadelphia to lay out a framework for the budding nation.

The year is 1619. Colonists in Jamestown referred to African slaves as n*****s.

The year is 2017. A white male refers to a Black University of Michigan student as a n*****.

Starting this September, graduate students will be paid to help the University of Michigan implement various units’ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategic plans.


Michigan in Color recently sat down to speak with Tyrice Grice Jr.

Ann Arbor is a bubble-community. A bubble community as in perfect-looking from the outside and the people on the inside keep to themselves. Most people living here seem to be nuclear families with white-collar jobs.

On Sept. 17, 2017, three Black University of Michigan students were targeted with racially derogatory language in the form of defaced name tags on their dorm doors.