I am a dancer.


The steady melody of the flute holds hands and dances with the consistent beat of the bassoon as they traverse across the canvas of several continent

Each note speaks for a different culture

A different people

A different tongue


“Sweet talk to me, babe

It’s magical

Sweet lullaby.”

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When Rupi Kaur’s “Milk and Honey” was first published, it sent the literary world into an uproar.

Traditional dancing at the protest

On Tuesday, La Casa — the Latinx Umbrella organization on campus — and SAFE — Students Allied for Freedom and Equality — collaborated to conduct a “Border Protest Blackout” on the Diag to protest unfair border policies in both Palestine and Mexico.


Like a lioness

Shielding her cub

With the length

Of her limb,


I shield them



Who has the right to say the word nigger?  

Not nigga, with an a, but nigger. Hard r.


Finally, a happy ending for Black women that has nothing to do with a man. We’ve seen all the stereotypical portrayals of Black women in media.

We’re angry. Too loud, too crazy.

We’re single moms. Lacking father figures and males in supportive roles.


Interracial relationships haven’t been something accepted in America for a long time at all.


*This review includes spoilers*

My favorite romance movie? The one during which the girl dumps the guy at the end and walks off into the sunset fulfilled with the knowledge that she is enough and doesn’t need a man.