Báñame en acetona

y píntame trigueña

porque con mi apariencia

parezco todo menos puertorriqueña.


Tengo el cabello lacio

My half-Japanese, half-Irish friend, Maki, and I at Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine in Kyoto, Japan. She’s one of my best friends not only in JSA, but at U of M.

This is part three of a series showcasing underrepresented narratives within the Asian/Pacific Islander-American community. Kai Mason is a junior majoring in English on a pre-law track.

CSG during Divestment debate 2017

As Arab Heritage Month comes to an end, we at Michigan in Color want to commemorate the community’s accomplishments and stand in solidarity.


With “American Idol” coming back, I think it’s time we start calling out singing competitions for their insensitivity to different communities and cultures.


This is part two of a series of underrepresented narratives within the Asian/Pacific Islander-American community. Dim Mang is a sophomore majoring in history and political science.

Miri Kim

I confess

I used to resent

This dark-haired, yellow-skinned dream I have.

This Korean dream I am

I carved, starved, punctured

I formed

my own wounded frame with these hands

Grace Lee Boggs (center)

As a LSA alum, some of my dearest University of Michigan memories involve Emily Lawsin, a professor of Asian/Pacific Islander American studies, shouting out her truth.

Lorraine Furtado, Chandani Wiersba and Arwa Gayar

The copper seats of Rackham Auditorium shone in the yellow stage light, engulfing the room in a warm glow. As the actors ascended the stage in unison, each step with audible purpose and strength, their voices rang out through the auditorium with power and resilience.


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As the years have gone by, I have come to realize that “Sex and the City” is a lot like a cool aunt. For the sake of the analogy, imagine this aunt is white. As a child, you thought this aunt was glamorous, witty and exciting, but as you’ve matured, the façade crumbled.