The job of a regent at the University of Michigan is, at best, amorphous to a large portion of the student body.


Originating from the African Gumboot dance that was performed in the mines of South Africa during apartheid, stepping has served as a form of self-expression and liberation for years.


On feet and on court, sneaker culture has been intertwined with the game of basketball since its very inception. With a new NBA season underway, I wanted to take a quick look at the state of the NBA sneaker landscape. PJ Tucker seal of approval pending.

An excerpt from the speech

On the afternoon of Tuesday, Oct. 23, students, faculty and community members gathered at the steps of Angell Hall at the University of Michigan for a rally in solidarity with Palestinians and the actions of Prof.


There’s a war


All around us

But we are


of it


Amandla Stenberg

When I first read “The Hate U Give,” I remember feeling emotional.


In Arabic class this week, our infamous textbook AlKitaab transitioned from one controversial and politicized topic to the next, the new lesson being about violent Arab revolutions and governments as opp


sometimes i want to step out of my skin

& sleep forever in that silver pot

as if i were those bones you boil each day

hovering over the kitchen stove

cheeks flushed with early morning


I don’t like Taylor Swift.


The thing about being the only woman of color in the room is that sometimes I forget that this is not how it has to be.