Halimat Olaniyan

What is self love?

It’s not just spa dates and candle lit baths.

It’s not just mani-pedis and facemasks.

It’s not just what the media claims it to be,

But it can be all of that too.


In fact, it’s whatever you want and need it to be.


You might have seen some girls who wrap a piece of cloth around their heads. The cloth (called hijab or tudung or kerudung) covers some parts of their bodies – hair, ears and sometimes neck.


I am American.

But deep down I feel and know,

I’m not American enough.

They say that

Because of my looks,

Angie Zhang

When I was little, I used to be one of those girls who wished that they I were white. My parents immigrated to the States in the 90s, having previously lived under Communist rule in China.


TW: Sexual Assault


(those who did not join a D9 frat/sorority)



Yeah, yeah, so you’ve heard it before. Journaling is a good way to relieve stress, compartmentalize things you have to do and does great things for your mind overall. How many times have you been told to journal to relieve stress or to pick it up as a hobby?


This piece, "Becoming her again," is a photography sequence project that refers to the journey of being taken out of my comfort zone at University of Michigan (being a person of color, being in a new environment, etc) and using the reminders of home and my personal nature to keep me grounde

Ashley Kim

A book that I still clearly remember from middle school is The Fold by An Na. It tells a story of a Korean American girl, having conflicted feelings about her monolid eyes where her plastic surgery-addict aunt is pushing her to get the crease surgery.



In our language, we say bị thương when we mean hurt.

In our language, we say thương when we mean love.