Lara Jean and Peter

From Lucy and Ricky to Lara Jean and Peter, the amount of interracial couples on TV shows and movies have been increasing by the year.

sesame-seed desset

 I remember watching people poke around the “ethnic” food platters at my graduation party with extreme caution. It was like watching untrained scientists study a new species.

Stereotypes perpetuated against Asian Americans

I’ve never been good at math or science and seeing numbers of any sort make me cringe. This surprises people: I grew up as a classically trained pianist and attended a good private school, and of course, I’m also Asian.

Illustration by Zoya Zalatimo

Illustration by Zoya Zalatimo

Sean Tran and friends

Before I began college, my dad told me that I’d end up being friends with those who were like me—that I’d stick to my “own kind.” What he meant was that the people who I’d surround myself with would all be Asian, a stark contrast to my high school best friends.


Throughout most of elementary school, my parents and I lived in a tiny one-bed, one-bath unit tucked away on the top floor of a house.


I look out of my window in America and

I ask for forgiveness

Will the moon answer me,

Keep my thoughts hidden


KBeauty products

On my laptop, you’ll find a bookmarked folder labeled “Beauty,” which is completely filled with articles on Korean Beauty — KBeauty, for short.

Models for the Zendaya x Tommy collection

On March 2nd, influential actress and singer, Zendaya, showed her new line in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger for the first time at Paris Fashion Week.


Whenever a relative from India can’t understand my broken Gujarati and says to just speak English, the thought comes up. Whenever I go to mandir to pray and don’t know what to say or think, the thought comes up.