Earthly bodies ravage moon

cakes and warm their bellies

with salted suns — evidence

that the universe is eating



Carlina Duan

As a freshman at the University of Michigan in 2011, Carlina Duan didn’t know what the term “person of color” meant. 


“I wasn’t keyed into that way of speaking as much. I’m not sure the campus was either.”



As I was walking through campus earlier this week, I realized that there were a lot of people and things that are underappreciated at Michigan. So here’s a shoutout to some of them: 




This summer, I worked part-time at Anthropologie and experienced firsthand the many ways that the retail industry is problematic. Some of the worst encounters I’ve highlighted below:



This summer, I studied abroad for 3 months in Prague, Czech Republic. I knew I wanted to do this program before I even started my freshman year at the University of Michigan, so this was really exciting for me.


So many times I've looked at the blue of these skies and been reminded of the blue of the ocean. But of course one owes itself to the other.

“Introspecting about what’s in our heads. Probably nothing.”

Sometimes I think about what we actually hold in our heads. What are we thinking about that is substantial? How are we processing the lives we lead? What do we open up to others for everyone to peer into? We wear the stains of life on our whole body. There’s nothing to hide.

In front of the subway station, uncles drinking chai and discussing life.

When I walked out of the Jackson Heights subway station in Queens, I could have been walking out of a metro station in Delhi or Mumbai or Chennai. Everyone around me was Brown, storefronts all around selling samosas, chaat and chai. It felt like home.


Fashion is a way that any individual can express their culture on an everyday basis –– and even more importantly, on the first day of school!


There’s a space between space and time that you’ve managed to reside in. A grey area that should have slipped through the cracks. But, you’ve managed to maneuver adhesive after adhesive into what was once shattered. This space between space and time used to seem endless.