In response to the recent plastering of white supremacist and anti-Black posters around our campus, the continued unjust murders of Black people at the hands of police in the United States and the oppressive systems that allow these events to occur, the Michigan in Color editors would like to iss

“Join the Michigan Political Union as we debate the merits of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Resolution: Black Lives Matter is harmful to racial relations in the United States”


As Michigan in Color returns to campus, we thought it would be a great time to reflect on why MiC has been and continues to be a transformative space of healing, growth and exploration for people of color.

Adam's first day in the U.S.

Before college, I had hardly talked about my adoption process with anyone. It didn’t start until I took an intergroup relations class during my freshman year. Sitting in that class, I read aloud my testimony about my upbringing. In the middle of it, I began to choke up reading about my biological family because it was the first time I had openly confronted that part of my life.

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I was 7 years old when I had my first attack. The accusations swarmed my head: “Stop pretending,” “you just want attention,” “you’re being over dramatic.” I head for my school’s office. My back hurts more than any pain I have ever experienced.

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A year ago today, I contemplated suicide.

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Going to college after high school was not always on my radar. I did not begin to seriously consider college until the middle of my junior year of high school. I did not know much about applying to, paying for or even researching different colleges and the programs they offered.

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Brown and White and Never Enough

The Future of Ethnic Studies Teach-In

On Monday April 11, more than 100 students and faculty gathered in the Michigan League for The Future of Ethnic Studies, a teach-in organized by a broad coalition of graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Michigan.

Dear University of Michigan Administration,