In honor of the upcoming Mother's Day holiday, the editors of Michigan in Color would like to make a toast to the strong, influential women of color in our lives — our mothers. We see them as beacons of hope, inspiration and guidance, and we are very grateful to have them in our lives.

This piece is by no means an all encompassing perspective on the “APIAs” experience*

Ayah Kutmah

In a society where a reductive narrative of Muslim women has dominated mass media, there is a dire need for the multi-dimensional stories and experiences of Muslim women to be recognized and celebrated.

ASA E-board from left to right: Events Coordinator: Sophia Akatue ‘19, Events Coordinator: Chalse Okorom ‘18, Arts Director: Jackie Thomas ‘18, Secretary: Noelle Tochi Onyemaechi ‘17, Treasurer: Emmanuel Enechukwu ‘18, Community Relations Chair: Seun Olad
Sivanthy Vasanthan

We are Uncover: A/PIA — Asian/Pacific Islander American — and the United Asian American Organizations, two pan-Asian-American student organizations at the University of Michigan. Earlier this year, at Columbia University, Chinese students experienced anti-Asian sentiments in their dormitories.

|Arab| |American|

They ask,

Are you Arab? Or American?

Do they not understand

That heavy things break through light boxes?



The sun sets in the East/ men in white/ kneel

pure and clean/ silence as loudspeakers sing/ Allah is the Greatest

Designed by Ava Weiner



They encapsulate my immigrant body

in a reflecting see-through container.

They shout put your hands up, don’t waste time