"Defend DACA Infographic"

Donald Trump, as always, broadcasts his political affairs and opinions on Twitter’s platform.

Picture of my mother in Cần Thơ, Việt Nam, 5 Years Old

There exists this word, or sentiment, in Vietnamese: "đau khổ.” Individually, the words translate to “pain” and “suffering”, yet together, they form something along the sense of an intense anguish that transcends any attempt at a linguistic description.


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” my kindergarten teacher asked me as I walked across a small stage as I “graduated” to the first grade. “A doctor!” I happily exclaimed with confidence as I grabbed the diploma and skipped across the stage.


When Drew Metcalf, an LSA junior studying screen arts and culture, submitted his project proposal to optiMize’s Social Innovation Challenge, he had no idea he would end up forming a creative expression showcase that would impact m


Today, I had the honor of receiving the Wendy Owen Scholarship from The Michigan Daily. This particular scholarship is given to freshmen, sophomores and juniors at The Daily who have constructively contributed to the paper.

Author and cousin at IASA 2018.

Aishu Chandrakanthan is a junior at the University of Michigan studying business and psychology with a minor in digital studies. On campus, she is involved with United Asian American Organizations, Indian American Student Association, Yoni Ki Baat and the Michigan Fashion Media Summit.


In commemoration of Israel’s 70th anniversary on May 15, Nadav Tamir, policy adviser to former President of Israel Shimon Peres and former member of the Israeli Defense Forces, addressed students on Wednesday night.

Representative Chang

It has come to my attention that Lecturer Emily Lawsin is under review for contract renewal as a Lecturer IV in the women’s studies and American culture departments and that University of Washington Prof.


Awkward introductions, sunshine, smiles, excitement, energy, move-in day. 

Depression, anxiety, stress, confusion, final exams.


Dear Hannah, and other incoming freshmen,


My time at the University of Michigan has been so invaluable to me.