Though I don’t believe that being a doctor is for me, I do hold the belief that more Black doctors are needed. The question is, how do we motivate young Black people interested in medicine to actually pursue it? Growing up, I was completely set on becoming a doctor.

Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong, Korea

When everyday pieces are gathered

They show a series of sameness without any intention.

Irregular arrays are perfect because they are incomplete.

Check-Box for "African-American"

I’ve been staring at the checkbox labeled “African-American” for 20 minutes now. I can’t seem to look past the dash which separates these two worlds. To be Nigerian-American is to be the Atlantic Ocean, to be divide, to have two houses but no home.


I used this print for a collaboration with a local apparel brand. I was excited when a friend reached out to me asking if he could print the design onto hoodies to sell, especially because it had a message behind it that was important to me.


 In the last several years — for a multitude of different reasons — many prestigious education institutions and organizations have made diversity a higher priority on their to-do list.

A commissioned portrait of the author (and Instagram profile picture!)

I spend a lot of time on campus wishing that I was anywhere else. Too much of this time ends up being spent on Instagram, where the world on my feed looks pinker, cutesier, and dreamier than how most people would see it.

 Billi (Awkwafina) and her grandmother (Zhao Shuzhen) exercise together.

Last year, the singular Asian movie in the U.S. was Crazy Rich Asians, a fact agreed upon by public consensus. This year, the choice hasn’t been so easy.


I’m a wolf of the streets, I smell your fear.

Beyoncé Knowles

No matter your age or how you identify, you’re likely a huge Beyonce fan. This year she released her documentary, “Homecoming,” on Netflix which followed her rehearsals and ultimate performance at Coachella (renamed Beychella by the Hive) in April of 2018 as the headliner.

Halle Bailey

Okay, I’m gonna be honest here: I used to be such a Disney fangirl. I think most girls were. I lived for Disney Princess movies more than anything, though. And when "The Princess and The Frog" came out, I was ecstatic.