This project aims to highlight bodies of color and their stories.


“My body is my clay, I mold it however I want.”


Raza Shar (played by Nabhaan Rizwan) in the episode “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”.

Breaking away from mainstream Hollywood portrayals of counter-terrorism and Muslim immigrant communities, Informer succeeds precisely because it doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not.

Freddie Mercury performing at Wembley, 1986.

Freddie Mercury is one of my biggest idols. And no, in case you are wondering this isn’t a "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "Queen" bandwagon fan piece. I feel like we all know a person who as soon as they saw the movie decided to obnoxiously play “Don’t Stop Me Now” at every party they went to.


Whenever religion naturally comes up in conversation, everyone should be proud to say what faith they preach. These are valuable discussions where we can encounter faiths we don’t practice and learn more about the different cultures around us.


I will never forget the time in my second period high school biology class when my teacher looked me directly in the eyes and asked “What Asian are you? Chinese? Japanese?

Notre Dame engulfed in flames from the April 15th fire

And that’s not an exaggeration.





I, politically compromised, took

two cents from the homeless.

Tuned out trigger warnings

and walked through the unfamiliar

unarmed. There was Michigan’s blue


(inspired by Danez Smith’s “alternate names for black boys”)

  1. not cho chang

  2. not mulan, not jasmine


Sylvia. Silvia. Sylvie. Sophia. Sofia. Sophie. Saliva. Okay, maybe the last one isn’t as common as the first couple examples, but you get the point.


“Kayleah... Kayleah… KAYLEAH.”