Ali Wong' Netflix Special

Growing up without knowing a lot of people who looked like me, I always felt like I was “too” loud for a Chinese girl. I had a rambunctious, talkative personality as a kid, but I quieted down as I got older and became more self-conscious.


We named you twice;

first as poetry, second as insurance.

Press one to your ear & you will hear

Đà Lạt in full bloom.


They tell me I’m vulnerable, and have to be protected,

because I’m their daughter.

They try to shield me from the inevitable: from late summer-night-2-am sneakouts

Jakin Zhang

I grew up drawing eyelids on all of my stick figures so that they could look pretty — well, as pretty as a stick figure could get. I took long looks in the mirror and touched the soft space above my eyelashes, miserable about the fact that I had been born with monolids.


I’ve always been insecure about my Korean-ness, or to be more specific, my lack thereof. For the longest time, I’ve felt like I had become too Americanized, and I wasn’t the only one who noticed it.



I’m like a rose, beautiful but I have thorns.


Courtesy of Ross Sneddon

I am a visibly Muslim woman. When people think of what a Muslim woman should look like, there is a preconception that she wears some sort of headwrap, whether it be a Hijab, or a Niqab — anything that covers her hair. This obviously isn’t the case for all Muslim women.


to everyone who has exoticized me:


of course

i’m sorry

chase couldn’t like me because he thought i was nice

or cute


I recently finished watching all 5 seasons of Daria on Hulu, a popular MTV animated teen sitcom produced in the ‘90s.

Marsai Martin

We’ve seen her belt at the top of her lungs to Beyonce’s “Love On Top”. We’ve witnessed her serve witty comebacks as Diane in the popular hit series “Blackish.” Now we finally get to see this little queen achieve greater feats.