Models for the Zendaya x Tommy collection

On March 2nd, influential actress and singer, Zendaya, showed her new line in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger for the first time at Paris Fashion Week.


Whenever a relative from India can’t understand my broken Gujarati and says to just speak English, the thought comes up. Whenever I go to mandir to pray and don’t know what to say or think, the thought comes up.

A set of spices

Eating out used to be a delicacy. I once longed for the rare weekends when my family would go out to a restaurant like Olive Garden or even a fast food chain like Taco Bell. I shake my head when I remember how I once gagged at the food my mom spent hours preparing for us.


Dearborn, Michigan is the epicenter of Muslim/Arab American culture. It is a microcosm of the Middle East with people from every Arab country (i.e. Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, etc).


Three-generations impacted by three words: The American Dream.

Haleemah Aqel

My name is Haleemah Aqel. I am a graduate of the class of 2018. I am a Palestinian Muslim American woman. I serve as the current program coordinator at the Program on Intergroup Relations. I am one of the founders of the Islamophobia Working Group.

Is that how they see me?
If Beale Street Could Talk

I am a person who has always valued traditions, and my movie theater rituals are no different. Every time I go, I order a box of Bunch-A-Crunch and a medium drink. If possible, I always try to select a seat that is smack dab in the middle of the theatre.

As it is

As an art student, I have been trained to draw the self-portraits countless times. Like any skills, there are certain steps and guidelines in learning.