Allyson Felix, an American track runner and field sprinter, recently earned her 12th Gold Medal at the World Athletics Championship in Qatar –– she also surpassed the legendary Usain Bolt in winning the most olympic gold medals in history.


An unknown number from San Diego was calling me. Earlier that day, I’d reached out to San Diego LGBTQ+ bars and businesses for a non-profit supporting LGBTQ+ asylum seekers.


Is it too late to drop the class?

This is what you asked yourself when you saw the title of Thursday’s reading: “The Code of the Street”

Your brow furrowed


 My tequila on the rocks

Because rough edges make a real man.


Sin trabajo no se ase.


Civil Rights March (August 28, 1963)

When learning about this country and how we’ve gotten to where we are, it seems that people tend to compartmentalize the role African-Americans have in aiding this progression.

Michelle Obama and Maya Angelou

My sound of striving was not of a piano or coach’s whistle, it was my mother's tongue — the Arabic language, her Palestinian dialect, the language of my people. My upbringing was not an American one.


For my twin sister:

My partner in crime, my lifelong friend, a companion right from the womb.


Love, your other half.



"Jane the Virgin"

Bilingual families have been documented in TV and movies since the 20th century. Whenever this bilingual image is portrayed, it is a romantic view — an endearing scene between a parent and child that strengthens their bond.