Who has the right to say the word nigger?  

Not nigga, with an a, but nigger. Hard r.


Finally, a happy ending for Black women that has nothing to do with a man. We’ve seen all the stereotypical portrayals of Black women in media.

We’re angry. Too loud, too crazy.

We’re single moms. Lacking father figures and males in supportive roles.


Interracial relationships haven’t been something accepted in America for a long time at all.


*This review includes spoilers*

My favorite romance movie? The one during which the girl dumps the guy at the end and walks off into the sunset fulfilled with the knowledge that she is enough and doesn’t need a man.


When I was 11 years old, I decided to wear a headscarf. I knew I would eventually wear one because as a Muslim, I believe it’s required of me. While others don’t, it all depends on people’s personal beliefs.


I have to be totally honest. I wasn’t sure what to write about this week for Off The Record — I always have my Lena Dunham, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer trinity of problematic white women piece on standby, but as a pop culture blogger, I wanted to stay current and relevant.

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When so much of my news is disseminated into 20-word summaries with a link to an article as I scroll through my social media, it is really easy to remain distanced from the impact of current events. In fact, on Sept.

Efe Edevbie

25 vs. 7: A Debate Over Album Length in the Streaming Age

“It’s 25 songs?”


Walking into one of the many bodegas on Mt. Pleasant Street in Washington, D.C., I’m instantly greeted in Spanish by the cashier. Without hesitation, I respond in Spanish, but I am not Latino.

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I have been learning the English language for 15 years now. I have improved from learning vowels to now writing in a second language. Fifteen years is long enough to have mastered a skill, yet there are still some words in English I can never pronounce.