You know the drill: On the first day of class, you go through some less-than-stellar icebreaker, you try not to fall asleep as the professor reads the syllabus, you count the minutes until you can be let out early.

Sean Tran’s Character

In the midst of the 10-year anniversary of League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game by Riot Games, I find myself reflecting on the too many hours that I’ve spent on LoL alongside its other 80-million monthly players.

Painting by Meleko Mokgosi, Acts of Resistance exhibit

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the Pan-African Pulp exhibition at the University of Michigan Museum of Arts. This part of the museum showcases art by Meleko Mogosi, a South African painter. Now, his art was nowhere near mediocre.

Not Funny

 May 4th, a Saturday. I was preparing for the dorm move out, wrapping up my first year of college. I was waiting in line in front of the community center to receive a temporary key to use over the weekend.


A term that gets thrown around a lot in the Asian American community is “Asian Baby Girl,” or “ABG” for short.



It is every day.


Lynette Medley, sexual awareness advocate, takes part in a Period Day rally outside the Capitol Building

When I began to menstruate it was awkward to have to talk to my parents about finding a surprise that morning; I hid it from them as long as I could.


The first time I encountered the idea of a “multiverse” — multiple dimensions of reality, of potential — was when I watched Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse (arguably the best Spiderman movie, don’t @ me).


As my 3-hour seminar on Modern Middle East history came to an end, a classmate approached me about some comments I made in class. Of course, nothing about that was inherently unusual.


For most Bengalis, Mahalaya marks the return of goddess Durga to