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Columbus Day, a holiday previously commemorated across the United States that is now partially replaced by Indige

Because of the University’s close relation with WWRA, consistent communication allows the OCS to be notified if a batch is contaminated, and they can subsequently trace the bin back to a certain building or department.

According to Keith Soster, director of Student Engagement at Michigan Dining, Starbucks cups commonly used for coffee and tea specifically contaminate University of Michigan recycling bins most frequently.

Ross Junior Liz Fawley speaks about the complicated culture of the Ross School of Business at Blau Hall.

Defying stereotypes about college students’ preference for loungewear, one can find students sporting suits at any given day at the Ross School of Business Building.

University of Michigan professor John Cheney-Lippold made waves on campus this week from rescinding his offer to write a letter of recommendation for LSA junior Abigail Ingber after realizing she requested the letter to apply to a study abroad program in Israel.

A screenshot of the email exchange that was posted to Facebook Sunday.

University of Michigan professor John Cheney-Lippold is facing claims of anti-Semitism after rescinding his offer to write a recommendation letter for LSA junior Abigail Ingber, who requested the letter for an application for a study abroad program in Israel.

Martese Johnson speaks to The Michigan Daily in the newsroom Thursday.

Four years ago, University of Michigan Law student Martese Johnson, then a junior at the University of Virginia, made headlines across the nation after police officers pinned him to the ground with brute force during an arrest in Charlottesville.

While no construction has begun, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality greenlit the project over the summer by granting the University an air permit for the natural gas turbine.

With a new natural gas turbine in the works at the University of Michigan, environmentalists have expressed concerns over the University's continued investment in fossil fuel-based energy. 

The straw bale house located at the Campus Farm

A University of Michigan green building class plans to unveil a sustainably-built, straw-bale house located at the Campus Farm next Monday, May 29.


Editor's note: both female students’ statements were kept anonymous for privacy concerns.

This LSA senior is a model University of Michigan student.

With the fastly approaching Union renovation, though, students and staff will have to bid the billiards hall farewell.

The Michigan Union has undergone many changes over the years. In 1919, when the Union first opened, it contained a bowling alley and a barbershop. In 1925, a swimming pool was installed.