Black Voices

Imagine this: It’s a Sunday afternoon and you’re on your way home for the evening. To your annoyance, the route you normally take has more traffic than normal. Initially, the bumper-to-bumper backup is inching along, but it quickly grinds to a complete halt.

And yet we bleed the same and share the same parts
but privilege is your name while mine is Black like the galaxy. And you
have connotations like beach white or innocence and I can’t even find

As Americans, we pride ourselves on how far we’ve come from the disturbing times of slavery and segregation.

Lauren Ingram

Dear Mainstream,

MiC Contributor

Dear Professor A,


Dear Black People at the University of Michigan,


The global chain of movements driven organically by the people give me hope. As many systematic, institutional and legal structures thwart any attempts of equality, we shall overcome.


I am not pigmentally challenged

I bleed in color

Dream vivid dreams

And leap from slumber

Singing songs that make the rainbow

Quiver at dusk


We laugh in yellow