Black Voices

Lorna Brown

My life has changed significantly since I last wrote “Why I joined Michigan in Color” my perspective of the world has shifted and warped with the passing challenges of my time being a freshman, now a sophomore, at a university whose Black population is only

Efe Osagie

When I joined MiC in December of 2017, I was excited because I had an opportunity to share my experiences as a POC and help others do the same. Effectively elevating POC voices through writing.

Dierra Barlow

I’ve known I was queer for as long as I can remember, in the sense that means odd or unusual according to the dictionary. It’s taken me some time, and deep introspection, to accept my identity as a queer black woman; six years, to be precise.

Black Women in performing arts

This is probably my third article on the lack of representation and positive representation of Black people in the world, but that just shows how much farther we have to go in our society to reach equal Black representation.

Portrayal of white guilt

“The world does not need white people to civilize others. The real White People's Burden is to civilize ourselves.”

From Relaxed to Natural

“It’s so thick I can’t get the hair dryer through it.” My hairdresser grits her teeth for the fifth time as another piece of her hair dryer breaks off in my hair. So thick, not even the best styling tools can make its way through its roots.

Efe Osagie

I love makeup. I think it’s safe to say that makeup is one of the things people spend the most money on without realizing it.

Kanye West

As my Black Twitter timeline blew up with Bill Cosby memes and “now this” videos about yet another act of violence against someone Black, my heart dropped to see Kanye West.


Every morning, I find myself walking to class listening to my favorite songs, watching squirrels as they finesse food from passersby and moving around white people walking in my direction on the sidewalks.


When I was younger, being Black and Nigerian never caused me any problems. I grew up in a fairly diverse town and school district. Throughout elementary school, I had friends of multiple races and ethnicities.