Visual Statement: Đêm Việt Nam

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 9:42pm

This year, the Vietnamese Student Association's annual culture show’s theme was Find Your Light: Đi Tìm Ánh Sáng, showcasing the journey of a young girl trying to find her truth about her Vietnamese culture. With 10 different dances, the entirely student-run show features over 120 student and guest performers.

VSA will be donating all proceeds to the Pacific Links Foundation, whose three initiatives support the sustainable development of Vietnamese communities by combating human trafficking, enhancing children’s education, and empowering women to become leaders.

The Đêm Viet Nam executive board of VSA was the organizer of this year’s Đêm Viet Nam. Executive members include Junior Sydney Koh, Sophomore Theresa Nguyen, sophomore Isabelle Tran, sophomore Alyssa Sopanarat, and senior Uyen Nguyen.