Tuesday, February 23, 2016 - 6:23pm


Illustration by Emily Waters.


open your thighs wide
like the pages of a book
yawning their language
into your head
drink in the stillness
lift your spine taller 
prepare for the backbend
(you are stronger than
you think you are) 
envision the full moon
washing the back 
of your head with its
silken fingers, dripping
its nectar down your
vertebrae until your
seat is warm in thought
align your sacrum
to this intelligent
edge of backlit
realism (it’s magical)
breathe deeply into
the beauty of 
asymmetry and 
savor your perfect
state of being 
(because i do). 
be aware of your breath: think - 
and then let it pull,
like an unknitted cloud,
with your