Fate's fault

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 2:14am


Annie Klus/Daily


On Saturday, he came for the ticket at 3:15 and she came at 4. He went towards that way and she went towards the other way. The event was in a week. It required sun, which he hoped for. She wanted rain.

He spent the Sunday with nobody to tell jokes to and she spent it with no one to laugh at. Sometimes he would tell a joke out loud, to the dense, green trees, just for fun, and take the sound the wind made through their leaves as laughter. When she flipped through the television channels, hoping for entertainment, she couldn’t understand why people were laughing at others for falling, slipping, embarrassing themselves. She just wanted someone to tell jokes.

Monday before bed he wrote in his journal, so did she. Each day he would write an entry about what happened. Each day she would write about what she wished would happen. His were getting shorter and hers were getting longer.

On Tuesday, the weather forecast predicted rain on Saturday. But only a 60% chance, he thought, it should be fine. She was relieved; It ought to rain at 60%.

While he was at the store on Wednesday he reached for the same carton of milk as a woman in a blue dress. Her eyes sparkled at him, her hair was a perfect mess, and he let her have the milk. While she was shopping, a man tried to take the carton of milk she was going for. But then his smile seemed so pure, she forgave him, took the carton back, and wondered at what time of day he liked to drink milk.

On Thursday, he was able to leave work on time for once. He used this extra time to admire and care for his newly grown pink and yellow tulips in the backyard. He took pictures of them to show to others, not really knowing who. After she came home she practiced piano and wondered where the notes flew to when there were no other ears to listen to them. She started to hope for sun.

Friday’s rain made him late for work, but he enjoyed watching the millions of droplets create pictures on the windows of his car. She got caught in the rain on the way home without an umbrella, but she liked the way warm rain felt on her lips.

Saturday brought back the sun. On the way to the event his mother called and said her house had flooded, he was worried and said he would go help. She was on her way to the event, wearing her favorite pink lipstick, and stopped to admire the day.

She continued on to the event, he went the other way.