The Sit Down: Anushka Sarkar and Nadine Jawad

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 12:39am

On this episode of the Sit Down, The Daily’s Avery Friedman speaks with Anushka Sarkar and Nadine Jawad, the president and vice president of University of Michigan’s Central Student Government, respectively.

Sarkar and Jawad talk about the recent “campus climate” issues at the University, challenging the vague, sweeping meaning of the term itself. They discuss their interpretation of their roles as the voices of the student body when racist incidents plague campus, as well as how they navigate the prioritization of free speech when controversial, divisive speakers like Charles Murray speak at the University.

The two recount on their journey to the top of CSG, telling the story of how they came to run together, and speaking candidly of the deeply respectful relationship they maintain amid the stress of their positions. As the first two women of color to hold to occupy the president and vice president positions at the same time, Sarkar and Jawad reflect on the role their identities have on shaping their leadership styles, as well as what it like to campaign just after 2016 the U.S. presidential election.

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