The Daily Weekly, November 16, 2017

Friday, November 17, 2017 - 12:32am

Tune in each week as Daily Senior News Editor, Timothy Cohn, sits down with Daily reporters and editors to recap the biggest events of the past seven days in each section. Hear about some of the most important stories from News, Arts, Opinion, Sports, Statement and MiC every Friday morning. 


News: Managing News Editor Alexa St. John and Daily Staff Reporter Jordyn Baker spoke about this week’s Central Student Government vote on the controversial divestment vote — which passed for the first time in University history. Later she highlighted the allegations of a blacklist at Zeta Psi fraternity and Laverne Cox’s visit to campus on Wednesday.

Statement: Deputy Statement Editor Brian Kuang talked about this week’s lead which he co-wrote with Daily Staff Reporter Ishi Mori about gentrification in Ypsilanti amidst allegations of impropriety with their city council. Later he talked about Anthony Cozart’s reflections from his visit to a popular arrival spot for refugees attempting to gain asylum in Greece, Daily Arts Editor Danny Hensel’s film review about “Tea and Sympathy”, and Sami Martin’s personal statement on his struggles with anxiety.

Arts: Co-Managing Arts Editor Anay Katyal discussed Senior Arts Editor Nabeel Chollampat’s food column which envisions a Thanksgiving get together with Food Network celebrities, and Tess Tobin’s “Best Bites” piece on Comet Coffee’s cookies.

Michigan in Color: Co-Managing MiC editor Jason Rowland highlighted Managing MiC Editor Ashley Tjhung and Senior MiC Editor Adam Brodnax’s article on the Black-Asian Coalition, and Angelica De Jesus and Gloriela Iguina-Colon’s piece on Puerto Rican Heritage Month.

Opinion: Co-Editorial Page Editor Anna Polumbo-Levy touched upon this week’s leftside calling for transparency in the Greek Life community, Stephanie Mullings’ column on learning from the experiences of those in marginalized communities, and Nia Lee’s cartoon, “Maybe Later.”

Sports: Co-Managing Sports Editor Betelhem Ashame highlighted Michigan football’s 31-10 win at the University of Maryland and Co-Managing Sports Editor Kevin Santo’s piece about the large showing of support from Michigan fans. She also discussed Daily Sports Writer Anna Marcus’s article about Michigan Men’s Hockey exceeding expectations following a strong showing against No. 4 Minnesota.


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