I still daydream often, while walking, while sitting outside in the Ann Arbor sun, while swimming laps and many other activities.

The founders of the United States created our country on many guiding principles, the first being freedom of speech and the press according to the Bill of Rights. Despite it being a value settled centuries ago, it is a concept that contemporary society still grapples with today.

Regan Detwiler

Preserving and marking the sites of ancient Native American burial mounds, which are prevalent in the Midwest where ancient tribes such as the Adena lived until 1 A.D, is crucial for acknowledging the dept

If you know me, then you know there are about four things I need to survive in life: Drake, Lush Cosmetics, Buffalo Wild Wings’ chicken wings and basketball.

When I was six years old, my eager parents signed me up for private violin lessons to my absolute dismay.

Exactly one month ago, while standing on the Diag at around 4 a.m., I felt at ease listening to the gentle song of birds around me. The warm glow of the streetlights illuminated the 950 empty maize and blue chairs positioned throughout the grounds.

The night of Nov.

In my last column, I mentioned learning about the Adena people, who lived on the land now called Ohio from more than 2,000 years ago to the first century A.D., when the Adena were overcome by and blended i

“Did you see the fight between Hunter Strickland and uh, what’s his name?” my dad asked me a few weeks ago.

When University of Michigan’s cornerback Jeremy Clark was selected in the sixth round of the 2017 National Football League Draft by the New York Jets, the Michigan football team set a school record with eleven players being drafted. Ranging from Jabrill Peppers at No. 25 and Clark at No.

On June 1, the Trump administration announced they were fulfilling a campaign promise to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Accord.

Early in May, Michigan state senators introduced two free speech bills to the Michigan legislature: Senate Bill 349, entitled the “Campus Free Speech Act,” and Senate Bill 3

A series of seven pop-up art installations appeared around the University of Michigan’s Central, North and Medical Campuses between April 3 and April 8.

The Graduate Employees’ Organization, the labor union that represents graduate student instructors and graduate student staff assistants at the University of Michigan, is in the process of negotiating a new contract for union members. GEO hopes

At the end of February, the Trump administration revoked the Obama-era

At the end of March, Mark Schlissel, Lou Anna Simon and M.

Earlier in March, President Donald Trump’s administration released its “skinny budget” proposal for the 2018 fiscal year, causing a lot of bipartisan controversy.

At the end of February, the state of Michigan published the findings of the 21st Century Education Commission report.

Tune into this installment of our Central Student Government elections podcast, where Opinion Podcast Manager Kevin Sweitzer talks to the Movement Party about their campaign and platform.