With the conclusion of the 2016 presidential primaries, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has turned her attention toward presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and the November showdown that awaits them.

CLEVELAND — After a Monday filled with delegate dissidents and 

There are a lot of reasons to be terrified of Donald Trump and the movement his campaign created.

I was not super excited when I heard that Marvel was making a new Spider-Man movie.

Science is a human invention, based on the unique ability to employ rational thought toward observation. The Greek philosopher Aristotle championed empirical observation as the best way to draw universal conclusions about the world. The sun rises from the east.

We have two selves. The one that we project to the world and the one we spend time with when we’re alone.

One Trump adviser called for Clinton to be killed by a “firing squad,” C-list speakers angrily screamed at the American peopl

PHILADELPHIA — As the last days of the Bernie Sanders campaign come to a close, the Vermont senator has a lot to do to unify the Democratic Party. All week, protesters have marched through the streets of Philadelphia, shutting down major intersections and hosting massive rallies.

This is not another think piece about Pokemon Go. But it’s kind of crazy how Pokemon Go took over the mobile (and augmented reality) world over the past few weeks.

At the Republican National Convention last week, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani criticized Hillary Clinton for being “in favor of eve

For the past two years, the University of Michigan has been under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights for its handling of allegations of sexual violence.

Two months ago, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed a bill banning transgender individuals from using public bathrooms that don’t match the sex on their birth certificates.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have the highest unfavorability ratings of any Democrat or Republican nominee ever running for the presidency.

This new policy favors the claimant in numerous ways and will likely increase the number of assaults punished, thereby raising the standards around sexual activity and changing the culture around sexual assault on our campus.

Though Title IX ensures that students have the right to use the restroom aligning to their gender identity, the Office of Student Life and the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities should explicitly state that transgender students can use any bathroom on campus they feel most comfortable using.

Over the years of Detroit’s economic decline, the Detroit Public School system has suffered immensely. Since 2003-2004, enrollment in DPS has declined by 200,000 students.

David Schafer and Micah Griggs, running for president and vice president respectively on the newMICH ticket, are experienced, socially aware students, with detailed plans to improve Central Student Government.

The Michigan House must support fairer punishments.

The shootings of Alton Sterling and