Over the past few years, both students and administrators at the University of Michigan have addressed on-campus sexual assault through new policies and ongoing activism. At times, however, the personal stories of individuals who have survived an assault can be lost in the bigger discussion. 

Unspeakable things
Sarah Neff

Where is the line between productive debate and dangerous discourse?

In the finale of the fourth season of Amazon’s “Transparent,” the Pfefferman family goes aboard a cruise ship during the Jewish holiday of Passover.

University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel has always said the right things about the value of a liberal arts education.

“Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate?” is a chant ingrained in the mind of every kid who played youth sports.

Action via thoughts
Nia Lee

Last week, at the BET Hip Hop Awards, Eminem — notorious for his rare public appearances — surprised fans with a freestyle performance now titled “The Storm.” In it, the rap star rips 

I’ve gotten a consistent eight hours of sleep the last couple of nights, and as I sit here typing at 8:47 p.m. on a Monday night, I still feel miserable. My bed is all I can think about. Being able to crawl into my soft sheets and close my eyes will certainly be the best part of my day.

What can I say about my hometown in Northern Michigan? A small village right on the harbor, with plenty of hipster-y restaurants and quaint knick-knack shops, it's the perfect spot for upper middle class families to vacation during the summer.

After the 2016 election, University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel received criticism from conservative students and faculty who believed his politicized c

With the endorsement of President Donald Trump, the House of Representatives recently passed a bill that criminalizes abortions past 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Monday’s Las Vegas shooting, which left at least 59 dead and 500 injured, adds another tally to the United States’ dark history of gun violence.

Protect our protestors
Courtesy of Roshini Ankireddygari

If you found yourself at the Central Campus Transit Center, also known as the C.C. Little bus station, last Monday, perhaps you were dismayed your normal bus had been rerouted.

In his proposed budget for fiscal year 2018, President Donald Trump recommends slashing funding for the Child Care Access Means Parents in School program,

In an anecdote-laden speech on Sept.

Anti-Latinx, pro-Trump graffiti was found on the Rock at the corner of Hill and Washtenaw on Sept.

On June 1, the Trump administration announced they were fulfilling a campaign promise to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Accord.

Early in May, Michigan state senators introduced two free speech bills to the Michigan legislature: Senate Bill 349, entitled the “Campus Free Speech Act,” and Senate

A series of seven pop-up art installations appeared around the University of Michigan’s Central, North and Medical Campuses between April 3 and April 8.