Event horizon (noun): the point in space where gravity is so great, not even light can escape. Meaningful differences still exist beyond the event horizon, but due to a massive gravitational pull, an outside observer can’t differentiate between any objects after that point.

The Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein filed for a recount in Pennsylvania, a state Hillary Clinton lost — which helped pave the way for Donald Trump’s election win. Imagine going back in time two months and telling yourself that sentence was true.

Views from the stacks
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Over Thanksgiving break, I went to see the new coming-of-age film, “The Edge of Seventeen,” expecting to see myself in Hailee Steinfeld’s awkward, selfish, yet entirely relatable protagonist, Nadine.

I registered for the final classes of my undergraduate career Wednesday morning, and only as I wrote this sentence did it hit me how odd that is.

Vagenda of Manocide
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When I was 13, I slammed my thumb in the door of my mom’s blue Mini Cooper. In an effort to show her just how angry I was about our morning fight minutes before, my melodramatic middle-school self got out of the car and slammed the door closed, not realizing my left thumb was in the way.

As Asian/Pacific Islander American students and alumni of the University of Michigan, we are called to action as we witness everything we love about our campus and nation coming under assault.

As a graduate of the University of Michigan, I have been paying extreme attention to the 2016 presidential campaign. My change from being a Hillary Clinton supporter in 2008 to a Donald Trump supporter in 2016 isn't typical. I barely knew about Trump after he declared he would run for president.

Do you have a voice that needs to be shared? Do you find yourself theorizing about why events in the news happen the way they do?

Over the past several months, protests over construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline have grown from a whisper to a feverous roar, both on campus and across the nation.

This week on campus, students continued to react to both the presidential election results and the multiple hate

Yesterday, many students woke up and didn’t know what to do. Over the past eight years, most millennials have lived and breathed an Obama administration, an administration that captured many of their goals and inspired tremendous hope for the future.

What we feel — and what most of our campus feels — is an enormous loss in Hillary Clinton’s defeat in this election. With Trump’s victory, racism, misogyny and hate appear to have won.

A month ago, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held an 11-point lead over Donald Trump. As of Monday night, that had dwindled to a 3-point lead.

Next week, Ann Arbor residents will vote to elect the city's mayor as well as five candidates to fill seats on City Council. Four of the six seats are uncontested, including the mayoral position.

Next week, Ann Arbor residents will vote on a controversial ballot proposal to extend the term of office for Ann Arbor mayor and City Council members from two years to four years.

Next week, the residents of the state of Michigan, including any student registered to vote in the state, will be voting on two open positions on the University of Michigan Board of Regents.

Over a year ago, the Michigan House of Representatives began debating the lack of regulations on ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft, attempting to clear up the legal gray ar